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Greater Love Outreach  was started in 1990 by Mrs. Marie Upshur as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization for women in need. Over the years, the mission of the organization expanded to a citywide aid organization that would eventually endeavor to extend help and support to any and all that needed help the most. Today's reincarnation of Greater Love Outreach, GLO Phoenix, works very closely to ensure Mrs. Marie Upshur's divinely inspirational dream continues to help the city of Pittsburgh and beyond.

That we may attempt to personify the truth, that we are one world under God. 

Our Mission

Our Mission

Continuing the work of Greater Love Outreach, GLO Phoenix is a non-profit community-based organization specializing in working to stand against cultural and ethnic injustice and meeting the crisis needs of individuals throughout Pittsburgh and the surrounding communities.

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Our Who

We here at GloPhoenix have adopted a passion to pursue aggressive change for the betterment of our Society on multiple platforms. Our initial focus is directed toward individuals who have, in the past, or recently been released from state or federal correctional facilities. They have paid their debt to society, but at the same time are faced with several obstacles, including not having access to transportation to inquire or acquire any type of employment. They also need assistance with Identification ,housing referrals, while at the same time helping to be a positive arm of encouragement to the families affected by these struggles. Alongside the blemish of being marginalized and continually being reminded of and held back by the incidents of their past .

This has become a detriment to the individual, the families and our communities

There has been enough discussion, yet still only exclusion. Now there must be change that brings inclusion.

Our Why

We believe that every individual that may have taken a wrong turn in life, Not all of them desire to continue on that road we also believe that there are individuals that have had bad experiences and have a true desire to do better may be some of the most instrumental and innovative persons to add to our society if only given the opportunity.


We have also witnessed the devastation caused to individuals, families, and even cities because of the lack of opportunity directly driven by exclusion.


So in all actuality our why comes down to why not--we may all know someone or be related to someone that if only the opportunity was given and a door open as it was for you what could be the possibilities because not everyone is who they may have been people can and do CHANGE.

And we at GloPhoenix want to be instrumental in seeing some of the fruits of this change come to fruition.


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